Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seattle Post Intelligencer Fun

Last night I had some fun with the scary-smart journalists at the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Start with this thread at AoSHQ for the proper background. Apparently, the soon-to-be-homeless journalists at the PI are trying to jump-start an on-line venue for their smart, hard-hitting, integrity-drenched reporting. They're doing the organization VIA A WEBSITE WITH OPEN EDITING PRIVILEGES AND OPEN ENROLLMENT.

A truly kind and caring person would have gently informed the moderators that their website was open to pranksters....

Seattle Post Post-Intelligencer Home

Business Models

Examples in other cities

Links for more information


Seattle PI Reader Plea

Site To-Dos

Staff organization

Who is talking in Seattle

The images are just fine if you open them in something like the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and zoom in. If you try to view them in Firefox, they won't be readable. Still trying to work out the screencap thing on large web pages.
*End Edit*

Most of the "improvements" have been scrubbed by now. Most of them. You'd think that they'd do a thorough washing of the site to scrub it of that eeeeevil rethuglican juju. It seems that "washing" and "scrubbing" are still beyond the abilities or inclinations of liberals. Not to mention the peculiar weakness in Seattle lefties for running their activist sites without any notion of security at all. Don't change, Seattle lefties. Please don't change.

Big thanks to genghis for the original posting on Ace of Spades.

Chaos, fear and work here is done.


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